Sterling Set of 3 Unlit Alpine Trees

Gerson International
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Sterling Set of 3 Unlit Alpine Trees

Bring a touch of nature to your holiday decor with this set of three Unlit Alpine Christmas Trees. These trees are perfect for adding a rustic, woodland touch to your home. The largest tree stands at 4 feet tall, the medium tree at 3 feet tall, and the smallest tree at 2 feet tall. With a total of 633 branch tips between them, these trees are sure to look full and lush. Constructed with high quality materials, these trees are built to last for seasons to come. The sturdy branches make it easy to hang ornaments or decorations. The unlit design allows you to customize the trees with your own choice of lights or leave them as is for a more minimalist look. Create a winter wonderland scene in your home by placing these trees together or separately. They are perfect for adding a cozy touch to your living room, entryway, or any other space that needs a festive touch. The simple, yet elegant design makes these trees a timeless addition to your holiday decor collection.

  • Small tree has 5 inch Diameter base, Medium tree has 6 inch Diameter, and Large tree has 7 inch Diameter Base all Square Metal Bases offer Stability in any Environment
  • Small tree is 2 feet tall, medium tree is 3 feet tall, and large tree is 4 feet tall
  • Trees are equipped with a total of 633 branch tips to show off your favorite ornaments and decorations (105 small, 191 medium, 337 tall)
  • The Un Lit design allows you complete freedom when decorating your tree
  • Made with fire resistant materials to increase safety
  • For indoor/covered patio use only