LEMAX Witches Bungalow #75183

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LEMAX Witches Bungalow #75183

Twisted and gnarled from years of wicked magic, the Witches Bungalow is the perfect retreat for this busy witch and her pet black cat. Painted in classic Halloween orange, purple, and black, the two-story home looks both creepy and cozy at the same time. Outside, the witch cooks up a cauldron of spooky spells, while her black cat looks on from the stoop. Yellow lights pours out the windows from inside the bungalow.

Spooky Town's architecture is more wretched than ever. Fraught with sinister details and haunted nooks, these new designs will have you wishing it was Halloween all year round.

  • Year released: 2017
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 4.33 in. x 8.07 in. x 6.02 in.
  • Made of: Porcelain
  • Product Type: Lighted Buildings
  • Village: Spooky Town
  • With 1.83m cord (6 feet) or with LED light cord with battery box or with LED light cord with adaptor
  • On/Off switch
  • Lighted Feature