Lemax Village Collection Twilight Bed & Breakfast, with 4.5V Adaptor #15740

Lemax Village Collection
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Lemax Village Collection Twilight Bed and Breakfast, with 4.5V Adaptor #15740

The twilight bed and breakfast is the most magical place to stay if you're visiting for the holidays it's cute and cozy and the staff is super friendly and always looking for ways to make your stay here as comfortable as possible. It's the best bed-and-breakfast in town to stay when you're visiting your family this holiday season. "Smoke" comes out through the chimney.

Inspired by the classic works of Charles Dickens, Caddington Village takes you back to Christmastime in early 1800s England. With its stunning Victorian architecture, cobblestone streets, gas street lamps, and charming top-hatted holiday characters, this collection inspires a sense of holiday nostalgia like no other.

  • Measures: 9.25in (L) x 6.5in (W) x 9.25in (H)
  • 4.5V Adaptor included
  • Features Volume Control and Power Switch
  • Made of Resin