Lemax Village Collection The Chicken Pot Pie Shop #25932

Lemax Village Collection
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Lemax Village Collection The Chicken Pot Pie Shop #25932

Nothing satisfies the soul quite like a good wholesome pie, and you can’t do better in the whole of Harvest Crossing than The Chicken Pot Pie Shop! This family favorite does what it says on the tin, offering delicious meals at great prices. With 12 varieties available, you can eat in the dining room or take your pie away. Even you are craving a pie in the middle of the night, it’s no problem. This place serves customers 24 hours of the day!

You will feel right at home in Harvest Crossing as families and townsfolk gather 'round to celebrate the blessings of the season. Enjoy creative new designs like Maple Roads Sugar Shack and Hilltop Cafe, where good conversation and homegrown fun come easily.

    • Year Released: 2022
    • Dimensions:7.68 x 6.81 x 5.20 inches
    • Made of: Porcelain
    • Product type: Lighted Building
    • Control switch: On/Off switch
    • Electrical: With 1.83m cord (6 feet) or with LED light cord with battery box or with LED light cord with adaptor
    • Village: Harvest Crossing
    • Contains an inside scene for maximum effects
    • Lighted Feature