Lemax Village Collection Serious Snowplow Table Accent #13560

Lemax Village Collection
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Lemax Village Collection Serious Snowplow Table Accent #13560

It is a snowy holiday season so it's time for a Serious Snowplow. This huge snow plow is bright yellow so it can be easily spotted in the snow, and its red blade is sharply working its way through the snow. Just because they're working hard doesn't mean there isn't time for spreading the holiday spirit. On the door of the plow, you can see a wreath decorated with a ribbon.

Table pieces are a fun way to add a pop of personality to your Christmas village or to use as standalone Christmas decorations around your home. From skating rinks to horse-drawn carriages, there's a wonderful collectible for every holiday memory.

  • Year Released: 2021
  • Dimensions:2.68 x 4.33 x 2.83 inches
  • Made of: Polyresin
  • Product type: Table Accent
  • Village: Vail Village