LEMAX Relaxing Snowman Figurine #12039

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Lemax Village Collection Relaxing Snowman Figurine #12039

This Relaxing Snowman is having a beach day…in the snow. This snowman has shed his shirt and boots and he is on a blue lounger wearing green and red swim trunks. He has a drink in hand with a slice of lemon. He's wearing some cool shades and he's having a grand ol' time. He also brought his book "The Life of Frosty," but he'll get back to it when he's done with the drink.

Figurines are what truly bring the feeling of being with family to your Christmas village. These loveable villager collectibles feature carolers, Christmas shoppers, dog walkers, and any other holiday activity you can imagine.

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  • Measures: 3.15in (L) x 1.69in (W) x 3.15in (H)
  • Made of Resin