LEMAX "Please Share" Figurine #02964

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Lemax Village Collection "Please Share" Figurine #02964

If you've ever had a dog, the Please Share figurine by Lemax will be a familiar scene to you. In this figurine, a boy wearing a red baseball cap is about to take a bite out of his pink cupcake. But sitting at his feet is a dog with other plans, who's licking his lips and begging for a bite. They do say sharing is caring!

Figurines are what truly bring the feeling of being with family to your Christmas village. These loveable villager collectibles feature carolers, Christmas shoppers, dog walkers, and any other holiday activity you can imagine.

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  • Measures: 1.69in (L) x 0.79in (W) x 1.69in (H)
  • Made of Resin