Lemax Village Collection Moore's Fish Packing Co. #25910

Lemax Village Collection
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Lemax Village Collection Moore's Fish Packing Co. #25910

Everybody in Plymouth Corners loves to eat fish, it goes with the territory! Thankfully, Moore’s Fish Packing Co. does a great job of taking the freshest catch and prepping it just in time to keep all of those delicious flavors intact. The guys work hard all year, even at Christmas time, but they have still made some time to deck the building out in some festive finery on the doors and beams.

All is merry and bright in Plymouth Corners where families and fishermen prepare for another joyous season. Venture down to the docks and find the Salty Sea Dog Tavern or get your shopping done in the quaint Seaside Santa Christmas Shoppe.

    • New for 2022!
    • one item
    • Made of Porcelain
    • Dimensions: 7.48in x 6.3in x 4.92in
    • includes a 6ft light bulb cord with on/off switch