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Lemax Village Collection Parisian Stairs #25402

Lemax Village Collection
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Lemax Village Collection Parisian Stairs 25402

Right behind Montmartre in the old Paris, you can find sites similar to this street scene Facade: Escaliers Parisiens or Parisian Stairs show a charming stairway going up a tight alley in between picturesque buildings typical to the Eternal City. Stay a few nights at the Hotel Le Bouquet, Step into La Galerie to browse local art, have a glass of wine at Le Chat Noir Cafe, buy a few truffles at La Maison du Chocolat;
This piece will transport you, your friends and your family to Paris every day!

Incredibly detailed, colorfully accented - every Lemax Facade tells its own story! The Craftsmanship that goes into every Lemax Facade makes them perfect as a stand-alone decoration, or as the centerpiece of any collection. Great on a bookshelf or tabletop, or hung on a wall.

The front of a building, called the Facade often tells a wonderful story about what you'll find within. Lemax has captured this intriguing feature in a series of three-dimensional scenes in their Facade Collection.

  • Battery Operated
  • Three AA batteries required, not included
  • A/C adaptable
  • made of Resin
  • Dimensions: 9.45(W) X 10.55(H) X 4.02(D)