Lemax Village Collection Miss Noelle's Bed & Breakfast #65090

Lemax Village Collection
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Miss Noelle's Bed and Breakfast is the loveliest airbnb in Caddington Village. A quaint Victorian home painted in cool and calm colors ready to transcend you into a weekend full of relaxation. Miss Noelle, herself is at the front desk to greet you. Miss Noelle's employees cater to you with such warmth that truly makes you feel at home.

The Victorian elegance of Caddington Village captures the charm of a bygone era and the magic of the Holidays. Soft light from cheery windows and gas-lit lamps cast a warm glow on a scene of contentment and peace.

  • One Village piece
  • Made of Porcelain
  • Dimensions: 8.11 in x 8.86 in x 5.2 in

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