LEMAX Cobblestone And Pebble Roads, Set of 2 #24004

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Lemax Village Collection Cobblestone And Pebble Roads, Set of 2 #24004

For a simple way to add thoroughfares to your village setup, use these Cobblestone and Pebble Roads. Each strip measures 6.4cm by 45.7, offering plenty of length to organize just as you please. The choice between pebbles and cobblestones means that you can decide which areas of your town are stylistically similar, and which are different. It’s a big responsibility!

Create the perfect look for your village with stunning details and scenery. Lush hedges, pebble-paved mats, snowcovered streams, and cobblestone roads will add character and charm to your scene while giving your new townsfolk lots of new areas to explore!

    • New for 2022!
    • Set of 2
    • Made of Plastic
    • Dimensions: 17.99in x 0.04in x 5in