LEMAX Christmas Pinata, set of 6 #32212

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Lemax Village Collection Christmas Pinata, set of 6 #32212

Much looked forward to the Christmas Pinata is a celebration the whole family can take part. Even the smallest member of the family gets a whack at the pinata for a chance to release the treats and goodies inside. This year's pinata is in the shape of a gold star and everyone is excited to see what it holds.

Figurines are what deliver the personality to your village. Whether it's a miniature Santa, a family on a toboggan, a couple in love, or some furry Christmas critters, you're sure to find many figurines that bring a smile to your face.

  • New for 2023!
  • Dimensions: 3.07 x 6.30 x 0.98 inches
  • Made of: Resin
  • Product type: Figurines
  • Village: General Products