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Lemax Village Collection Alpine Winter Shops, B/O (4.5V) #25869

Lemax Village Collection
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Lemax Village Collection Alpine Winter Shops, B/O (4.5V) #25869

This group of Alpine Winter Shops is an important destination in Vail Village. Among the stores is the Skate and Ski Rentals store where everyone can get the equipment they need for fun on the slopes or the ice. There’s the muffin shop and hot cocoa stall for refreshments. And, for that all-important apres-ski session, the Schnapps & Strudel Saloon offers a warm and friendly welcome.

The Lemax world continues to expand with fanciful facades. Add new avenues and experience to your village with the Hillside Winery, Dutch Cheese Festival and Farmers Market, and the Alpine Winter Shops. Each piece will bring exquisite detail and sophistication to your collection.

    • New for 2022!
    • one item
    • Made of Resin
    • Dimensions: 11.02in x 10.63in x 4.53in
    • Requires (3) AA Batteries, not included. A/C Adaptable, #94563

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