LEMAX Everyone Gets a Treat, set of 3 #42307

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LEMAX Everyone Gets a Treat, set of 3 #42307

Witness this delightful Halloween scene, as two happy children in their wonderful costumes go trick-or-treating with their loyal dog by their side. A kind-hearted gentleman offers a tasty treat to their puppy, embodying the warmth of community and shared joy amidst spookiness and sweets.

Black cats, evil clowns, and an assortment of skeletal citizens will be the life, or maybe the death, of your party this year. Add a personal touch to your Spooky Town village with these grisly characters.

  • New for 2024!
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 10.5 in. x 6.5 in. x 3.2 in.
  • Made of: Resin
  • Product Type: Figurines
  • Village: Spooky Town