Department 56 by Jim Shore Cinderella Christmas #4057945

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Department 56 by Jim Shore Cinderella Christmas #4057945

Jim Shore reimagines Disney’s classic princesses in elegant winter capes and gowns for this holiday collection. Cinderella gets a light blue ball gown, cut away at the skirt to frame a colorful ornament, hand-carved with a cheerful image of Jaq and Gus.

Jim Shore is one of the most treasured artists at Department 56. He is a legend in the industry, inspiring his friends and his expansive base of followers with work reminiscent of family, tradition, spirituality, and love of country. Jim's signature look of handmade, hand-carved art evokes appreciation and nostalgia, while embracing inspired themes of folklore and tradition found within American and European folk art.

Department 56 - Disney Traditions

  • Released in 2017
  • Measures 8.5in
  • Made of Stone Resin