LEMAX Wasteland Pub #85305

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Lemax Village Collection Wasteland Pub #85305

Grab a pint of toxic ale at the Wasteland Pub. Everyday new lunch specials are posted of the grossest meals you could possibly imagine. 1. Glowing flames on grill and out of pipes. 2. Lights flash on different sceneries coordinating with the script in the soundtrack. Released in 2018 as a Michaels Exclusive Product.

Spooky Town's architecture is more wretched than ever. Fraught with sinister details and haunted nooks, these new designs will have you wishing it was Halloween all year round.

  • Approximate size: (H x W x D) 8.46 x 8.43 x 5.75 inches
  • Year Released: 2019
  • Made of: Polyresin
  • Product type: Lighted Building
  • Control switch: Volume Control and Power Switch for all functions.
  • Electrical: Adaptor included
  • Current:This unit will draw approx 300mA
  • Village: Halloween
  • Requires 4.5 plug-in adapter
  • Lighted Feature
  • Contains exterior lights and lumination
  • Contains musical and animated sounds