Lemax Village Collection The Lakeside Market & Tackle Shop #15746

Lemax Village Collection
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Lemax Village Collection The Lakeside Market and Tackle Shop #15746

The Lakeside Market and Tackle Shop is a funky shop right next to a mountain lake. There's a large wooden fish-shaped sign sitting atop the sharply sloped wooden roof. There are lots of products sitting right on the porch, but inside you can purchase things like camping supplies, fishing licenses, camping permits, bait, and even eggs and bread. They also have window hours from sunrise to 3:00 pm daily!

There's nothing like spending Christmas in the mountains. Vail Village is a cozy winter escape set in the mountains of Colorado. With its ski hills, log cabins, sawmills, and charming outdoor feel, you'll feel instantly transported to a wonderful winter vacation.

  • one item
  • Measures: 6.89in (L) x 5.91in (W) x 6.89in (H)
  • Made of Porcelain

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