Lemax Village Collection That's A Wrap Mummy Mortuary #25850

Lemax Village Collection
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Lemax Village Collection That's A Wrap Mummy Mortuary #25850


When it comes to this spooky town, there is no other way to commemorate a passing than a good old fashioned mummification! No fewer than four Egyptian mummies adorn the front of this mortuary, and a sneaky peek inside the window shows you what you are in for when your time comes! There are fun nods to Ancient Egyptian culture all over this building and it gets more detailed the more you look at it. The perfect addition to a model town full of ancient spirits.

Spooky Town's architecture is more wretched than ever. Fraught with sinister details and haunted nooks, these new designs will have you wishing it was Halloween all year round.


    • New for 2022!
    • one item
    • Made of Porcelain
    • Dimensions: 6.77in x 9.06in x 4.33in
    • includes a 6ft light bulb cord with on/off switch