LEMAX Lost His Head #32195

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Lemax Village Collection Lost His Head #32195

    This Spooky Town figurine takes losing your head to a whole new level. Sitting atop a coffin that may or may not contain his missing head, this headless fellow is accompanied by a cat and owl who don't seem to be doing much to help him find his missing head. Perhaps he is just taking a break from searching and is contemplating using the jack o' lantern he holds as his new head. After all, anything can happen in Spooky Town.

    Black cats, evil clowns, and an assortment of skeletal citizens will be the life, or maybe the death, of your party this year. Add a personal touch to your Halloween village with these grisly characters.

      • New for 2023!
      • Approximate size: (H x W x D) 2.24 x 2.52 x 1.69 inches
      • Made of: Resin
      • Product type: Figurines
      • Village: Halloween