Lemax Village Collection Landlubbers Lodge #15753

Lemax Village Collection
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Lemax Village Collection Landlubbers Lodge #15753

The Landlubber's Lodge is the funkiest marine-themed hotel in town. This traditional yet quirky seaside building is filled with anchors, paddles, life savers, buoys, and a boat for sale. On the roof are a few seagulls that have gotten so comfortable, they've made a nest! This lodge surely gives the full seaside experience to its guests.

Take a deep breath of the fresh seaside air at Plymouth Corners. In this charming New England village, you'll find familiar sights like lighthouses, docks, fishermen, crab shacks, and cozy bed and breakfasts by the sa. You can practically hear the seagulls flying overhead.

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  • Measures: 5.98in (L) x 4.45in (W) x 5.98in (H)
  • Made of Porcelain

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