Lemax Village Collection Crafty Elves, Set of 3 #22137

Lemax Village Collection
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Lemax Village Collection Crafty Elves, Set of 3 #22137


In Santa’s Wonderland, some of the Crafty Elves are hard at work getting lots of favorite Christmas treats ready in time for the big day. Measuring 4.6cm at their tallest point, these figures are truly miniature, as all good elves should be! From making wreaths to creating gingerbread man bunting, and strings of popcorn, it’s all going on here! We’re not sure how much help the cure kitty is being, though!

Smiles and laughter resound as figurines fill out Lemax Village streets. New faces are seen this year with holiday shoppers, hot chocolate sippers, fishermen, snowman builders, man's best friend, gingerbread deer, Santa's Elf Parade, and many more! Add a creative flair to your village this season with an array of people.


    • Year Released: 2022
    • Dimensions:1.81 inches high
    • Made of: Resin
    • Product type: Figurines
    • Village: Santas Wonderland