Lemax Village Collection Skeleton Tree #33003

Lemax Village Collection
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Lemax Village Collection Skeleton Tree #33003


There's no question as to why this tree is named the Skeleton Tree. When kids hear about this spooky tree they swear their parents are just joking around, until they find it in the center of the graveyard. All types of humans bones seem to be growing out of it...EEK! Scattered on the ground are rib cages and skulls that have fallen from the top of the tree.

Setting your table will be a charming delight this season with Spooky Town's twisted table accents. The cat choirs, haunted hearses, pumpkin treehouses, and other ghoulish goodies will bring howling fun to your Halloween display.


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    • Made of Resin
    • Dimensions: 2.99in x 5.31in x 2.52in