Lemax Village Collection The Tall Tale #25896

Lemax Village Collection
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Lemax Village Collection The Tall Tale #25896

Who doesn’t love to get lost in a good story every now and then? If that sounds like you, then The Tall Tale is definitely the store to visit. Keeping Caddington Village stocked to the rafters with both new and used editions of all the classics and latest bestsellers, this bookstore is the perfect place to find a gift for a literature-loving loved one. Drop the kids off in the loft for storytime or head to the attic to browse the antiques. There’s always something to see at the Tall Tale.

It's Christmastime in Caddington Village - where garland extravagance abound. Head over to Trinity Church to celebrate with townsfolk or take in the lights and lush greens at Conservatory Gardens. There are quite a few fresh faces around town this year too!

    • New for 2022!
    • one item
    • Made of Porcelain
    • Dimensions: 7.48in x 9.84in x 4.96in
    • includes a 6ft light bulb cord with on/off switch

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