Lemax Village Collection Our Family Ski Cabin #15748

Lemax Village Collection
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Lemax Village Collection Our Family Ski Cabin #15748

Our Family Ski Cabin is a small mountain vacation paradise. This charming cabin, with its snow-covered roof, is lit up from the inside. A sign indicates that the house is next to cross-country trails. Out front, ski equipment leans against the front porch, and there's a child's toboggan sitting around. The best part of spending time in the mountains? There's little critters playing in the snow. But it looks like the dog is going to chase them away!

There's nothing like spending Christmas in the mountains. Vail Village is a cozy winter escape set in the mountains of Colorado. With its ski hills, log cabins, sawmills, and charming outdoor feel, you'll feel instantly transported to a wonderful winter vacation.

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  • Measures: 5.83in (L) x 5.12in (W) x 5.83in (H)
  • Made of Porcelain