Lemax Village Collection For Sale: Trailer #55997

Lemax Village Collection
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Lemax Village Collection For Sale: Trailer 55997

It is the Jenkins' family last Christmas in their trailer. The Jenkins have been celebrating Christmas in Vail Village since their children were little. A week before Christmas they head up to their trailer, put up their decorations and spend the rest of their day tubing, skiing and drinking hot cocoa. The Jenkins are hoping the trailer will go to another new family looking to create as many memories as they have.

Wrapped in a mantle of white snow under a brilliant blue sky, Vail Village sits perched high in the rugged mountains. The hearty lifestyle of its residents is reflected in an active celebration of the holiday season.

  • one piece
  • Made of Porcelain
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 8.07in x 5.31in x 4.17in
  • one light bulb cord included