Lemax Village Collection Clark's Snowcap Retreat #15747

Lemax Village Collection
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Lemax Village Collection Clark's Snowcap Retreat #15747

Clark's Snowcap Retreat is a charming mountain lodge with rooms available for the holidays. Built with log and stone, this retreat embodies life in the mountains. There's a lovely Christmas display in front of a fireplace visible from the window on the second floor. On the side of the building, there's an outdoor fire pit with a chair that lets you enjoy the outdoors while staying nice and warm.

There's nothing like spending Christmas in the mountains. Vail Village is a cozy winter escape set in the mountains of Colorado. With its ski hills, log cabins, sawmills, and charming outdoor feel, you'll feel instantly transported to a wonderful winter vacation.

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  • Measures: 7.87in (L) x 5.28in (W) x 7.87in (H)
  • Made of Porcelain