7.5ft Pre-Lit 'Real Feel' Kensington Fir Tree in Clear

Puleo International
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7.5ft Pre-Lit 'Real Feel' Kensington Fir Tree in Clear

The Kensington Fir features long thin needles in a vibrant green color, with a lighter green at the tips to simulate younger grown needles, and a reddish brown center which contributes to its vividly lifelike appearance even in the details.

"It Took 50 Years to Grow this Puleo International Christmas Tree" Puleo International is a family business that has remained a leader in the production of Artificial Christmas Trees for over 50 years. As the Oldest Family Name for Christmas Trees in America, Puleo International assures the highest Standard of Craftmanship and has become synonymous with Quality and Value. Every Tree is sculpted to be of top quality and lasting durability, easy to setup and store away, full of nicely detailed bountiful bendable branches, mastering only the most realistic look of a perfect Natural Tree.

  • Measures 7.5ft
  • Made of 2190 PE/PVC Tips
  • Diameter of 58in
  • Fire Retardant/ Fade Resistant/ Non- Allergenic
  • Metal Stand Included