24in Kentucky Pine Green Wreath with 170 Tips & 50 Multi Lights

Puleo International
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24" Kentucky Pine Green Wreath with 170 Tips & 50 Multi Lights, Twisted Construction


"It Took 50 Years to Grow this Puleo International Branch"

Puleo International is a family business that has remained a leader in the production of Artificial Christmas Trees for over 50 years. As the Oldest Family Name for Christmas Trees in America, Puleo International assures the highest Standard of Craftsmanship and has become synonymous with Quality and Value. Every Piece is sculpted to be of top quality and lasting durability, easy to setup and store away, full of nicely detailed bountiful bendable branches, mastering only the most realistic look found in Nature.


Fluff your Wreath for the Best Effect

Spread the branches out following one direction to make the foliage look full and neat. To do this, start from the outermost tips then work your way counter-clockwise until you reach the innermost tips. Take the uppermost tip to begin, bend it towards the right, then lift it upwards. Take the tip to the left of the first one and do the same. Bend and lift the succeeding tips until you reach the end, then continue with the next row. Continue shaping the tips row after row until you get to the ones at the center of the wreath. Bend the innermost tips toward the center to cover part of the hole in the middle.

The possibilities to decorate this wreath are only limited by your imagination: add ornaments, lights, ribbons, bows, floral pick etc.... Use the bendability of the tips to secure decorations.



  • made of PVC
  • 170 Tips
  • 50 Multi Lights
  • Fire Retardant
  • Fade Resistant
  • Non Allergenic
  • Diameter:24 inches
  • Bendable Tips for Easy Shaping
  • UL Approved Lights
  • For Indoor and Outdoor Use