Our Trees

Largest Selection of Live & Artificial Trees in New York

When it comes to Christmas, House of Holiday has it all, including the largest and most eclectic selection of live and artificial trees in New York. We carry every kind of tree you can think of and even those you never would have guess existed. Our outdoor tree yard boasts thousands of live trees, while indoors we have over 200 artificial trees on display to browse and admire for decorating ideas before you buy.

Whether you're looking for something traditional or completely out of the ordinary, we guarantee that we stock a variety so broad that the only trouble you'll have is deciding which tree to take home. Our live trees range from 2 to 20 feet; our artificial trees range from 2 to 12 feet. But no matter the size, your choices are endless! On the artificial sides, we offer both PVC and the newer PE trees, along with the expertise to help you choose which one is right for your family.

So come in today for a stroll through our Christmas tree display! We have classic trees, red and gold trees, blue and silver trees, any-color-you-can-think-of trees, sports-themed trees, non-lit trees, pre-lit trees, kid-themed threes, gingerbread trees, Santa-themed trees, golden ivory trees, funky trees, and even trees with meteorites shooting out of them - just to name a few! All of our display trees are decorated in-house by our very own interior decorators, and every ornament, light, and festive trimming you see can be purchased in our store.

Live ChristmasTrees

Meanwhile, outside, our tree yard is filled with the best Christmas tree varieties, including North Carolina fraser firs, Canadian balsams, Oregon douglas firs, and New Hampshire spruces. We also have tree food, tree stands, and everything you need to keep your tree looking fresh and healthy on Christmas morning. And all our live trees come with a guarantee: If your tree dies before Christmas, you can return it and receive a brand new one that same day.

Whether you're replacing a tree, buying your first one, or not even sure if you need a new tree this year, stop by House of Holiday and ask our knowledgeable staff to show you around our indoor and outdoor tree yards. We will be happy to answer questions, offer suggestions, and get you on your way to purchasing your best Christmas tree yet.

Tree Registration

Congratulations! You've found the perfect tree for your home and are now busy setting it up and making it your own. Now all you have left to do is register your purchase. Why? So many reasons!

When you register your tree, House of Holiday gives you 3 years of protection in addition to the 2-year manufacturer's warranty that comes with every new tree purchase. That's 5 years of assembling, decorating, and storing your tree without the hassle or worry that can feel all too familiar at Christmastime. With House of Holiday's tree registration, you are guaranteed a tree that stands tall, lights up, and looks amazing as a centerpiece to your home decor.

Every inch of your tree is covered, not including the stand. So let's say, for example, that two years from now you take out your tree for the holidays only to find out that the top section isn't lighting up. Do you have to fix it yourself? Should you go through the trouble of mailing that piece back to the manufacturer? No! All you have to do is bring it to House of Holiday. We will do our very best to fix it while you wait or, at the most, in 24 hours. If for any reason we cannot fix it within that time, we will replace the tree for free. How's that for a hassle-free Christmas tree guarantee?

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