Lemax Village Collection Rex & Spot's Doggy School #65109

Lemax Village Collection
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Nothing has more energy and spunk than a little puppy! Rex and Spot's Doggy School is great for taming your new furry friend and even teaching them some fun tricks along the way. A few lessons with Rex and Spot's guarantees a change in your dog's obedience. Your new canine friend will know when it is appropriate to bark, how to sit on command, and maybe even give you a high five!

In the village of Harvest Crossing, you won't find flashing lights or extravagant buildings. What you will find is a simple, hearty community full of tasteful homes, and hardworking townspeople who take the time to celebrate the Holidays together.

  • One Village piece
  • Made of Porcelain
  • Dimensions: 7.72 in x 7.91 in x 5.51 in